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Forward Compatibility - What is it? Is it important? How do I get it?

If your business or organization already has a website, did the requirements specify it be programmed to work optimally with the latest web browser software? If the answer to that question is "yes", then know that your website is a rare exception, for the vast majority of websites lack the essential operational requirement of "forward compatibility"! Forward compatibility is the ability of your websites software programming to work with emerging internet technology automatically and continually.

What impact can the lack of forward compatibility have on your website and, consequently, your business? Simply put, if your website hasn't been upgraded to comply with current web standards (as specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the official governing body for the Internet), then sooner or later your website will be presented more and slowly to website visitors (Note: Studies show users will only wait an average of 15 seconds for a webpage to load before going to another website, which could possibly be one of your competitors!). Without being brought up to the current standards, eventually your website may be displayed in a distorted view or not be displayed at all!

Websites that were created with Microsoft's Front Page, older versions of Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Word, etc. WILL NOT be forward compatible unless modified properly. Please ask your web developer about this problem before it becomes a crisis issue in the coming months, or contact us at Keystone for a free web standards check to see if your website is forward compatible. Every website that Keystone designs for its clients adheres to the W3C standards and is therefore fully forward compatible. We can bring your website up to the current W3C standards if needed.

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