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Services offered by Keystone System Technologies, Inc.

Keystone System Technologies, Inc. provides a wide range of web application services for its clients, ranging from consultation through design, development, database specification, e-commerce implementation, through testing, hosting, support, and training; as well as timely web enhancements to keep your website's technology current. Learn more about each of our services below…

Keystone can provide consultation service on one or more of the areas we are expert in. Whether you already know the areas your business needs improvement in, or you want our help in pinpointing them, we'll help you clearly identify them and then provide a report on the best solution to the problem(s).
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After the consultation reporting phase, should you wish Keystone to continue to furnish solutions for your business needs, we'll be happy to provide the proper design services for those solutions.
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The development phase take the plans specified in the design phase and constructs the finished software application from them. Web applications can offer a wide variety of options for the visitor to your website, ranging from website-based email services to current inventory availability and purchase payment processing. Depending on the requirements, hardware improvements may also be recommended/required in this phase. >>Pricing & More Information

Database Specification
If you have an e-commerce site, then you'll most likely require a database to organize all your product or service offerings, and handle payment authorization and collections. Such sites require a database. Keystone can help you determine the type and size of database that will best serve your business, construct it for you, and ensure it interfaces successfully with the other aspect of your business. >>Pricing & More Information

E-Commerce Implementation
Keystone can implement e-commerce capabilities and service for your business, making your web presence as profitable as possible for you.
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When you think about software application testing, remember the old adage, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'! Large corporations have learned the value of software testing (often after spending great sums of money unnecessarily). The Boeing Aircraft Company wouldn't put a new plane design into operation without having performed tests on it's mechanical systems at critical points in its development process, and any software application developed for your business should also be tested at the appropriate milestones in its development process to ensure it is performing as designed and to prevent unnecessary costs of fixing problems identified down the line. The earlier problems are discovered in the Development phase, the cheaper they are to fix. Think of testing as 'cheap insurance' against software/system problems. >>Pricing & More Information

Every website must reside on a "server" (or "host") somewhere on the internet so that the website's content can be 'served' up to the computer user or "client" when they want to visit that website. Different types of websites (i.e., simple 'brochure' websites vs. large and complex e-commerce websites) require different hosting services. Keystone offers cost-effective hosting services for any website's needs, with the added benefit of performing maintenance, upgrade and error-correction activities with maximum speed and minimal interruption to your business and your customers. >>Pricing & More Information

We can produce multimedia soulutions for more than just the web. Interactive media and advanced graphics can be created, such as:

• Web banner ad's
• Web site navigation
• Turbocharged presentations
• Educational animation
• 3D reenactments, simulations or scenes
• Flash site interfaces
• Flash tutorials

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Support and WebMastering
Keystone offers several levels of website support to best suit your needs and budget. Pay only for the support your really need or want. Please contact us to discuss your desires and requirements so we can determine the most cost-effective support program for you.
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Even after many years, Dreamweaver by Macromedia continues to be the preferred content authoring tool among professional web developers. Keystone offers classes for both the Entry- and Intermediate-level Dreamweaver users. Dreamweaver not only makes quick work of building/maintaining current HTML-based websites, but is also proactively positioned to create the 'forward compatible' Rich Internet Applications which the internet is now beginning to require. >>Pricing & More Information

Web Enhancement
Humankind's technological advancement, and application thereof, increases exponentially. The old joke of a personal computer becoming obsolete between the time you purchased it at the store and the time you got it home has never been more relevant than it is today! Not so very long ago your nephew or niece could make you a pretty good looking and functioning website (or at least a pretty good 'brochure website', database-driven e-commerce websites are another story). The internet is leaving its adolescent phase and entering young adulthood. New criteria, rules and regulations imposed on it by the World Wide Web Consortium (the official governing body for the Internet) now requires websites to be built, maintained, and upgraded by individuals—professional web developers—who truly keep current with the fast and frequently changing nature of the 'net. Keystone can provide your website with timely enhancements to keep your website's technology current and give you a significant advantage over your competition. Anti-software virus and protection against computer hackers are examples of other web enhancement services with Keystone provides. >>Pricing & More Information

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