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Website Redesigns

Website overhauls or redesigns can be done many different ways. Reaching a decision to redesign a website is usually based on various underlying factors such as lack or functionality, outdated content, change of technology, change of navigation patterns, change of organizational mandate and structure, etc.

A redesign can be:

An update: it is possible that your Web site has effective graphics and its structure is working well for the organization but the information on the Web site has remained static. In this case it is more productive to work on the content of the site than to spend time thinking on the changing other elements. Don't fix something that is not broken. You could add periodical information, like a news section or a new publication section, this should help the site maintain the audience interested.

A facelift: if your Web site only needs to update its look because it's been the same for a long time, it might mean that the content and structure of the Web site is working for your organization. In this case, the redesign entails working on the image while concentrating on communicating your organization's goals creatively through the use of graphics and color. This is a very common practice to add flair to a now "boring" web design.

A complete overhaul: whether you need to redesign the whole site or only a section of it, this type of redesign needs to be planned carefully. One of our teams will work on your project to help you plan the redesign and share decision making for how much time and money your organization will need put into it. In this planning process, you will decide on the structure of the content, the information architecture, the technological aspects of the Web site, and the maintenance and financial aspects of the redesign to create a new website.

Since most website redesign varies in scope, prices can only be quoted after the initial discussion process. For more information contact us using the information below.






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