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Web Hosting Services offered by Keystone System Technologies, Inc.

Web Hosting Information

One of the things that attracts clients to Keystone, and keeps them there, is the fact that we show you how to get the most website hosting service at the least cost. Some hosting services offer ‘one price fits all’ pricing, which is unfair to you and unethical for the web services industry.

If you have a simple ‘brochure website’, then space on a shared-server will suffice, and keep your hosting cost at a minimum (Multiple websites reside on a shared-server). Larger, more complex sites such as e-commerce sites and sites where data security and integrity are an issue will want a dedicated-server (Dedicated-servers host only one website).

Keystone will gladly consult with you to determine the best type of hosting for your website, and can provide hosting services should you choose Keystone for provide same (e.g., Did you know that websites made using Microsoft’s Front Page website authoring software must be hosted on a Front Page compatible server? This lessens your choices for hosting services and potentially increases their cost. Stay away from Front Page, and consult with Keystone for the best hosting service at the best price!). At Keystone, you’ll never pay more than you should for reliable hosting services, all of which feature automated switch-over to a redundant system in the case of a disaster. This ensures your website is continually available to Internet users even if the original server goes down due to technical problems or a natural disaster.

Web Hosting Pricing
The number of parameters to consider when deciding on the best hosting service for your website—and your budget—is almost as numerous as the details to be considered when building the website itself. For this reason, the quickest way to get a decision on type of hosting service and best price for same, is to consult with Keystone. The initial consultation is offered at no cost or obligation. Contact Keystone now about all your hosting concerns.

















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